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Online baccarat research results

China is now the gaming market, especially in Macau. In today's world, many gaming observers have noticed that Chinese people are interested in such games. Overall, VIP and non-VIP baccarat accounts for 85% of the total.

An article on the total gaming revenue of Macau casinos in 2005 has been recorded and audited

Are Chinese people addicted to playing baccarat games?

There have been many studies on gambling `in Western countries, but few researchers have studied Chinese gambling behaviors and motivations.

This paper attempts to fill this gap by examining the behavior of Chinese people. A study of Chinese observations of baccarat players' speech and behavior during baccarat games is presented.

Importantly, the qualitative research on various grappling studies aims to document Chinese baccarat gambling behavior and, in conclusion, the study will provide better benefits to casino operators and game developers. Ultimately, the research paper will help casino operators and game developers to benefit more.

Macau Baccarat

As for the Casino de Macau (STDM), it is a casino opened in a free zone. In the 20 years since STDM first opened its casino in 1962, it has operated in Macau for just over 40 years. In that time, baccarat has become a favorite game for many Chinese people. Today, Macau's 18 casinos offer a variety of table games, including poker and craps, baccarat, roulette, and Fantaan blackjack, with baccarat being the most popular game. It is available to Chinese casino players in Macau, which accounts for 85% of the total number of casinos in Macau.

Baccarat Player Research

For those who play the game, it has been observed and studied, and the observable behavior includes reading the player's cards.

When a Chinese player reads the card rules, he will then open the cards one at a time. The pattern of the card is revealed and we usually see a card with a long edge pattern. Then scrolling to the width and slowly going back resulted in a bad card at times. This card reading behavior was observed for all participants in the study. As for the spread, it was usually accompanied by constant repetition. The player separates the cards from the betting side. Usually this depends on the context of the game. Chinese people play baccarat in the following ways, for example:

1. When playing cards, players shout "Deng" in Cantonese or "Ding" in Mandarin. To prevent "lost" cards from appearing, pay attention to the number of times it is called "deng" because it can reach the number of times it is obtained. So if the amount needed is small, it is best not to call out "ding" or "ding".

2. Players will open by calling "cheui" in Cantonese to "blow out" and those who do not want to shout "cheui" in Cantonese.

3. Sometimes, players will shout "gold" in Cantonese to "reduce" the amount received when they show their cards.

4. If the number of cards needed is small, they will call "Cantonese" or "two-sided pattern". ", "sei bin" (in Cantonese) or "four-sided pattern", during which they are called "saambin" (in Cantonese) or "triangle mode".

5.Sometimes some players will shout "Cha" in Cantonese, and another "Cha" is a hand in case of a win. In one case, all players on the same side of the table ("Players") and the player with the highest stakes will receive the "equipment" for the spread.

The average bet for this game is higher than the minimum bet of HK$500 at the table. After the cards are dealt, the "drawer" will instruct the dealer to show the "dealer" card and the dealer will follow through. The number increases to 7 fruits by themselves.