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Treasure of AZTEC

The Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza and Coba, Mexico remain a mystery to this day for the sake of the Aztec treasure. There are many rumors about the Golden Pyramid, but there is no proof. Many people have tried to enter the golden pyramid. However, all failed because of the many traps hidden in the pyramid. Professor Alexander spent several years studying the pyramids and decided to accept the challenge of this pyramid adventure. He was able to reach the center of the pyramid and discover the secrets behind the sculptures. Inside the pyramid, he discovers a sculpture that makes him a millionaire overnight!


  • When you get a Mayan icon, it means that it is an icon you will pay, which of course differs depending on the number of icon matches and symbols appearing on the payline, matching 6 symbols will be awarded. Up to 80 times the bet amount and matching 3 symbols wins up to 6 times the bet amount. The second set of characters consists of card icons A, K, Q, J and 10. These symbols represent low-cost icons in the game and award different payouts based on the symbols that match the payline itself.

Free spins Feature

In the free spins, the Wilds-on-Way is set and the multiplier increases. When all 4 scatter symbols appear anywhere triggers 10 free spins function ! So bring back the Aztec statue and increase your wealth!