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Majestic Treasures

The Kingdom of Khakis is famous for its diamond products, which are the most precious and glittering gems in the world. Anyone who entered the Kingdom would be enchanted by the lavish palaces covered in a pale blue hue. Thousands of skilled craftsmen had worked for hundreds of days to create the imposing palace walls. Inside the palace, from the stairway to the dining room tableware, are decorated with diamonds. This wealth display was to show everyone that the Khakis Kingdom was richer than the other kingdoms in the country!


  • The Majestic Treasures slot machine has a scatter symbol, which indicates that those who are further away from the treasure chest are very lucky,and you will get many rewards or treasures.
  • The wild symbol can replace all symbols with 2 to 4 symbol spaces on a 2, 3, 4 or 5 spin itself.
  • During the rotation of certain symbols (except the "wild" symbol and the "world symbol") may also be framed in gold.

Free spins Feature

Majestic Treasures is a 5 x 5 symbol combination video slot with functions of wild symbol conversion, poker symbol removal and free spin multiplier, and 4 or more symbols mixed horizontally or vertically will make it possible. Winning combinations on each spin. In the "Free Spins" function, the win is multiplied by the number of winning symbols collected in the free spins itself.