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Candy Banana

Everyone has dreams of their own candy house, including Kiki! One day, she fell asleep while reading her favorite storybook "Magic Candy House". When she woke up, she found that she had entered a new world! This world is like a setting in "Magic Candy House," but not a candy house built in the middle of a pretty meadow. But it's a big candy capsule machine! All she has to do is spin the big capsule machine. to receive special candies! As the saying goes “Sharing is nostalgia” and moreover, Kiki hopes to share this capsule with her friends!


  • The Wild symbol is a delicious candy symbol that represents all other symbols (except the "Free Spins" symbol).
  • If there are 6 winning symbols, you will be ambush. horizontally or vertically to compensate after winning.
  • If there are 8 or more winning combinations, press 3 horizontal or vertical symbols, the symbols will be randomly drawn in their respective order.

Free spins Feature

The game features free spins bonus feature, only 3 symbols will get you 10 free spins and many more features and free spin symbols. Each symbol will result in 2 additional free spins.