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Fortune OX

in 12 years of the zodiac The cow is the second animal in the 12 zodiac years. It has played an important role in Chinese agricultural history and has become a symbol of "productivity." Due to diligence and perseverance, the ancient Chinese always said: "farming is best in the year of the Ox." It is always sunny every year. So all work goes smoothly! Cows also represent auspicious animals. According to legend, there is an immortal angel riding a bull on Mount Taibai. It is said that those who have the opportunity to touch it will be happy for a lifetime!


  • Most of the graphics are created in red and gold. and the paper roll will cover most of the screen. by rolling paper instead of 3 white tablecloths In those scrolls you might see a cow's horns. These reels feature colorful icons. which shows fireworks sticks, oranges, bags of gold coins in two different forms. A box full of gold coins and 3 gold cubes, plus the "Cow" is a special wild symbol! Each game is played randomly, the first and third rows have the same symbols. When the second row contains symbols, your winnings are multiplied by x10 each time the same symbol is placed on the reels. So if you manage to cover the entire grid with a wild symbol, You will win up to 2000 times your bet!

Free spins Feature

There are 10 paylines in the game. When any symbol appears in the game If the payline is matched, the reward will be awarded according to the game settings. If the pattern matches the payline, the game pays only the rows from left to right.