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Galactic Gems

The jewel galaxy of "Hazel" is a very special planet. has its own orbit and there were countless precious gems hidden in it. due to the planetary environment Each species often has its own unique shape and color. These hidden gems are almost impossible to destroy in a huge meteorite. Many travelers try their luck. in order to crush a large meteorite Therefore, a special type of bomb is required. which only the descendants of Abiya have This is why Abiya's descendants therefore it was called "Mineral Explorer"


  • In the process of destroying meteorites and mining precious gems The melody will accompany you. Most of the bonus symbols use the same material. We have citrine, ruby, emerald, amethyst and sapphire. which citrine is the most valuable And the lowest bonus icon uses Royal Mason A,K,Q,J and 10 as symbols. Spins again will be triggered, you will start with 3 lives, and every time you have to find a way to collect 15 symbols. So that you can win and get extra life quota.

Free spins Feature

  • When the Respin Bonus is destroyed, you get 1 Extra Life Points and Multiplier x1
  • Earning at least one Respin Bonus each time You will receive a Respin Bonus multiplied by 1 time. All of which are multiplied by the current multiplier.
  • If there is no winner during the Respin Bonus, take 1 or more extra lives to obtain the Respin Bonus.
  • Collecting 15 winning symbols grants 1 extra health boost.