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Opera Dynasty

Chinese opera is widely recognized as one of China's most precious and fascinating cultures. It is a very representative and influential musical play in China. Chinese opera has 4 main characters: Sheng(monk), Dan(male), Jing(face), Chou(cheat or comedian), opera actor. Must practice all 4 skills to be proficient. Every role includes singing, memorization, acting and fighting acrobatics. In the past 20 years of Yu Rong will only show herself. as always Tonight, she's practicing her makeup backstage. With applause, Yu Rong, who was dressed in Chinese opera, Behind the bunch with red flags appear on stage her beautiful singing voice manifestation skillful dance A gesture that attracted the audience to focus on her. Make the whole Hall full of cheers!


  • back of the blue wheel You will see a large stage. All the spotlights turn purple, and on the reels you'll find in-game symbols with different colors of the letters J to A, and there are also many important symbols associated with each other, similar to the Sheng,Dan, Jing, Chou, and Yu. Rong(Throughout the past 20 years of acting, Dan is always the lady。 In addition, there are symbols in the game that are lower in value, J, Q and K are rewarded 4 times the prize, where offering the highest odds is your victory. In a combination of rewards 150X! When you trigger this function Appropriate music will quickly turn into a loud rumbling. and followed by beautiful and elaborate paintings and excellent manners. Wild symbol will not be able to pay by yourself instead, it will only be replaced by a scattered dot image. In addition to all other symbols!

Free spins Feature

    We will see a red or blue symbol that is associated with 2 random functions. At least 4 scatter symbols will be placed in the spin. It will stimulate the efficiency of Free Spins function to spin special prizes at least 8 times! In addition in 2 functions of every time before starting The multiplier will change to x2. Especially with every attack win will increase up to x10!