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Hot Pot

Sichuan hot pot slot game it comes from the old port of Sichuan province, it is the basis of spicy flavor. The soup base of hot pot is made from raw materials and ready-made method which can be put together with meat broth and ingredients. You can taste the spicy, sweet and delicious taste in this pot. The charm of hot pot is the warm, cohesive atmosphere of eating and talking with friends and family.


  • This spicy Szechuan dish plays a huge role thanks to its combination through slot machine icons. (Including bacon, shrimp, pork neck, pork belly, fish balls and pork blood.) In addition, the hot pot is filled with shiitake mushrooms, lotus root, corn, tofu, enoki mushrooms and potatoes. It adds the ultimate flavor to this Sichuan dish.

Free spins Feature

    Depending on the number of chili symbols collected players will receive additional prizes in the game's 3 levels of cumulative bonuses! The beautiful visual effects allow players to experience the hot and entertaining atmosphere of the hot pot table while playing the game! Collecting bonus gold bars will accumulate on the bonus box. This bonus may be awarded as a 1 in 3 cumulative bonus as follows: cigarette store, high temperature, fire or extreme temperature. The accumulated bonus is based on the number of chili symbols collected at the end of the spin.

    • Collect 9 or more Shiver symbols (less than 9) to win the Hot Prize.
    • Collect 6 or more Chilly symbols (less than 9) to win the Hot Prize.
    • Pick up a cold symbol Get 4 or more (less than 6 pieces) to win the Hot Prize.
    • Each time it starts spinning the "Collect Bonus" tab will rearrange itself from 0.