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Summon & conquer

The wise and wise King Arthur is loved by everyone. His friends and his pets he also had a dove with magical properties sent to him by a wizard. One morning, King Arthur is awakened from his sleep by a howl, and the magician warns that invaders have entered the city and war has swept through the once peaceful country. To win the war, the king decided to enlist the help of talented warriors and promised them a great reward if they won the war. At the same time, King Arthur remembered his father's words, there is a treasure chest hidden underground, what secrets are hidden in the chest?


  • Summon and conquer now using the symbol, "Wild" instead of the other symbols (except the free spins symbol) represents the conqueror of the sword and various functions of the symbols they are three, scissors, hammer and paper, when you complete all 3 symbols, the system will take you to the billiard 3 times, one of which you will win 5 free spins, if you win 2 times you will get 10 free spins, if you win 3 times you will get 15 free spins.

Free spins Feature

    The "Call" and "Conquer" slots have a "free spin" symbol in the shape of a beer mug. If you get all 3 symbols, press the free spin function. Free spin symbols For the Gemstone slot, 1 beer will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. If you get all 3 symbols, you will get 8 free spins immediately.