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For soccer fans like you there are some things you need to know, sports betting is not that difficult and you can get a lot of advantages in soccer betting if you know these tips, experts will recommend these skills to help you get higher rewards.

The History of Football Betting in the Philippines

Soccer betting started in the past at least 30 years ago and has recently become increasingly popular. And at voslot there are many sports bets available for all players. With voslot latest mobile app, you can bet on sports from anywhere, even in the airport or the stands of a stadium! With the voslot' live Betting feature, enjoy watching the game while placing a bet on the fly.

Nowadays, there are many opportunities for soccer betting players to start betting, however, if you are a beginner, you must know how to bet in order not to lose money.

There’s lots of different kinds of soccer betting available. The most common are moneylines and spread (handicap) wagers. Moneyline bets are simply picking the winner or loser of a game, with no consideration given to the margin of victory. Spread wagers, on the other hand, give you points based upon how many goals will be scored by each team during a match. These points are added up at the end to determine a winner and loser. With both moneylines and spreads, you can also bet on over/under (total score) as well as totals for goal scorers in each team’s roster.

Up to now, all players can easily place online soccer bets on the internet, just by having a device that can be connected to the internet, and they can do it immediately. Online soccer betting is considered to be a turning point in the Philippine soccer betting industry, it has become very popular in a short period of time and in less than a decade, many Filipino players are very fond of placing soccer bets.

Understanding soccer Betting Odds

First of all, you have to look at the teams first. The first team is red. The second team is black.

  • 1

    The odds (0.0 or 0.00) for each match means that neither team will win or lose.

    • Which team will win/tie/loose the total e.g. 1-0/2-1/ 3-0.
  • 2

    Price is always half year, expressed as 0.25 or 0-0.5

    • If playing against a winning team where 1 or more teams will win/tie, lose half/lose, lose all points/lose at half odds.
  • 3

    Half-goal price expressed as 0.50 or 0.5

    • If the next team wins, loses all, loses all, draws all.
    • If the underdog wins all, loses all, loses all, draws all.
  • 4

    Half-goal price expressed as 0.75 or 0.5-1

    • If the next team wins by 1 goal, gets a half, wins by 2 or more goals, gets full points, loses by a goal or tie loses by a full point.
    • If the next team loses by 1 goal, concedes / loses by 2 or more goals at half time, loses / wins all or draws all.
  • 5

    The price of 1 goal for 1.00 means

    • Each team plays one team, each team wins by 1 goal, wins by 2 goals or more, loses/loses all.
    • For 2nd level teams, if a 2nd level team concedes 1 goal, pay 2 goals. Total loss/always.
  • 6

    Price is expressed as 1-1.5 or 1.25

    • If playing on each team win 1 goal, concede at half time / win 2 goals full time / draw or lose.
    • If playing on a weaker team, lose by 1 goal, half time / lose by 2 or more goals, full time / win or draw, full time.
  • 7

    Half price is expressed as 1.50 or 1.5

    • If the game is played as a team, each team wins by 1 goal, loses by all / wins by 2 goals, gains by all, loses by all.
  • 8

    One half at two (1.5-2 or 1.75) prices

    • If the match is played as a team, each team wins by 1 goal, loses by all / wins by 2 1/2 goals / wins by 3 goals all / loses or draws loses by all.
    • If the match is played as a team, each team loses by 1 goal, loses by a full score / loses by 2 goals, loses by half a goal / loses by 3 goals, loses by half a goal / draws or wins by all.
  • 9

    The price of 2 goals is expressed as 2.0

    • The next team = wins 1, loses full, wins 2 goals, draws, wins 3 goals, loses full, the second team loses 2 goals = gets full, draws 1 goal.
  • 10

    The price of two balls is 2.25 or 2-2.25 for example

    • Each team = win by 1 goal, lose by a full goal, win by 2 goals, lose by a goal, win by 3 wakes, lose or draw, lose by a goal.
    • Each sub-team = lose 1 goal, full score, lose 2 goals, full score, lose 3 goals, full score, draw or win.
  • 11

    The price of two goals is 2.5

    • The next team wins 2 goals, loses all goals, wins 3 or more goals, loses or ties, loses 2 goals, loses 3 goals, wins or ties
  • 12

    Two out of three, three out of 2.75 and 2.5-3 means

    • Three-way team combination = win 2 goals, lose full, win 3 goals, draw, win 4 or more goals, get full, lose or draw, lose or lose, lose online betting Three-way operation, subs = get full, usually get full, lose all 2 goals, lose 3 goals, draw, lose 4 goals, lose all.
Odds & Betting Lines in Football Betting
  • Live means that the game is in progress.
  • Today is today's open game.
  • The early market is a future game to be played with early bets.
  • OE and TG (Odd, Even and Total Goals) are odd bets. and the total number of points scored in each game.
  • 1X2&DC (1 × 2 & Double Chance) is a betting method to predict a win or loss.
  • FT&FH CS (TF&F) bets on the score of each side.
  • HT / FT (Half Time / Full Time) bets on the team to win the first half and the second half.
  • FG / LG (First/Last Goal Scorer) Bets on which team will score the first and last goals.
  • Mix Parlay bets on soccer or step soccer.
  • Total Victory is a start-to-finish bet that the winner will lead to a variety of games, goals scored or other long term guesses.
Results and conditions

Full score: Full payout per win, e.g. 100 baht per 0.5 bet on part A, 2-1 win, 2 100*2 = 200 baht.

Half win: Win at half the odds, calculated at half the odds. For example, if you bet 100 PHP on Part A at 0.5/1 and the match results in a 2-1 win, the price is 2 (water price multiplier 1.5 minus half) 100*1.5 = 150 PHP

Half loss: Losing half the odds. We will lose half of the bet amount, for example betting on A side 100 PHP odds 0/0.5 Tie result 0-0 odds 2 (water multiplier is 0.5 because half of the loss) 100*0.5 = 50

Tie:This is the result of the match. The odds are exactly the same in this case, it will not be a waste. The site will return the money, for example, betting on the A part 100 PHP, odds, draw (0), the result of the match is always 0-0, everything is equal. No side wins

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